Hotels and Accommodation

Weekly Rates

Extend your Motel 6 stay to seven or more days and you’ll save even more off our already low rates. Most locations offer swimming pools, laundry facilities and WiFi, so you’ll stay in comfort and without straining your budget. Please note that 7-Day Rates are available at most, but not all locations.

When booking online or by phone at 1-800-4MOTEL 6, your savings are applied automatically when you reserve your stay for at least seven consecutive nights at a participating location.

If you are booking 7 nights or more the following policies will apply:

Room charges for the first 7 days of the stay are due at time of registration and by 12 Noon in advance of each subsequent consecutive 7 days of the stay.

Guests booking 7 days or more and receiving this special discount receive a modified room service schedule [inclusive of room refresh after 3rd day (replenish towels/remove trash) and full room service at 7 days]. Additional service is available upon request, extra charges may apply.

Guests checking out during the first weekly term (7 consecutive days) will be charged the lesser of :
the weekly rate or
the daily standard rack rate times the actual number of nights.

Check with the Motel at time of check-in for other city or property specific requirements.